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Rheology is the science of deformation and flow of materials. Often the materials are exposed to different external forces. In practice we have the forces like is for example gravitational which have an influence on process as sagging or sedimentation and shear forces that are acting for example when we want to bring material with polishing tool on wall. However, every successful application requires its own behaviour of material.

Optimization of all the major components of modern Reometer Physica 301 MCR: motor, air bearing, the electronic
control, compact frame based on the concept art technology, economics, modern design integrates both, so mechanical, and electronic control components in a single instrument.

Specifications oscillating MCR Rheometers 301:

· MCR Rheometer 301 is compact system with air bearings and high-performance synchronous motor with direct EC control rotor motion and 100% control of the rotor field with continuous torque available, without thermal heating, which allows rheological measurements at high quality levels.

· Possible performance tests with oscillating or regulation. adjustment of shearing even in samples with low viscosity. It allows measurement at low torques 0.01 μNm and divergence sensor or 0.1 μrad. perceived burden of 10nNm (example: such as the stroke hair n fingertip arm) and therefore allows measurement of the extremely fragile structures at extremely small shear speeds and voltages.

· Fast and automatic identification of measuring geometries (measurement systems) and systems termostatiranja and tempering, and immediate wireless transmission of technical parameters of the electronic Rheometers.

Rheometers capacity · Requirements: Min. Torque (torque) 0.01 μNm, Max. Torque (torque) 200 μNm, resolution 0.001 μNm torque, set an angle of divergence of 0.1 μrad sensor, sensor resolution angle deviation 0.012 μrad, Min speed (measurement method: adjustable shear stress) 10E-7 1/min, Min speed (mode measurement: adjustable shear rate) 10E-6 1/min, 3000 1/min Max.speed, Min. frequency: 10E-5 Hz, Max. Frequency: 100 Hz, the range of normal forces of 0.01 to 50 N, resolution normal force of at least 0.002 N

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Gas adsoption (C419)
Soft Matter
Anton Paar
MCR 301
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